CVR eTraining Center Help

The following system requirements are needed to view CVR's eTraining courses:
Macromedia Flash Player - Download and install it HERE
Recommended monitor resolution:
1024 x 768 or greater
Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP
Recommended processor: 300 MHz Pentium or greater
Recommended RAM: 32 MB or greater
Disk space: 100 MB
-Sound Card (optional, but recommended)
-Active X enabled web browser: Internet Explorer 4.0 or later (6.0 recommended), Navigator 4.08 or later

Recommended Web Browser settings:
-Stored web pages should be set to check for newer versions "Every visit to the page".
-150 MB of Temporary Internet files disk space is recommended.
-Internet Security Settings should be set to Medium.
-Active X controls should be Enabled.
-Microsoft VM (also labeled Java VM) must be enabled, along with Java logging and JIT compiler.
-Sun Java should be Disabled.

Pop-up Browser Windows:
CVR's eTraining uses "pop-up" windows on your web browser. If your system uses any pop-up blocker technology, it must be set to allow pop-ups from the CVR eTraining website (Global Knowledge). For instructions on how to enable pop-up windows, visit this website:

Before starting your eTraining, you must be registered as a CVR user and obtain a training login. To register, either contact CVR Client Support at (800) 333-6995, or use the Self-Register feature* (Self-Registration is not available for all states and courses).

In areas where the Self-Register feature is available, you will be able to create your own Username and Password by completing the Self-Registration form. In order to register, you will need your company's eight-digit CVR account number (CMF). The CMF # can be located on your billing statement (example: 71012345), or located on the Company Maintenance screen of your CVR software.
If you do not have an individual email address, simply enter your dealership's general email address to complete your registration (example: CVR will not send any user-specific information to general email addresses.
Note: Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.

Additional Help:
For additional help, please contact CVR Client Support
Phone: 1 (800) 333-6995, option 2 (Technical Support)

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